Omelet with Canadian bacon and kale

This is a healthy alternative for a decadent Sunday brunch entree without all the added calories and fat. Simple and satisfying, it is quick and easy to make.

Vegetarian Lasagna for 2

This lasagna is unique in that is baked in a loaf pan. It will easily feed 2 hungry people as the single element to a meal or 4 people as part of a full dinner.

Mushroom Rigatoni

Vegetarians and other non-meat eaters rejoice!!!! A truly simple recipe that provides all the comfort of pasta (and yes, it’s just as good with gluten free pasta) with the satisfying mouthfeel and texture of a silky, mushroom cream sauce. The best part, you don’t have to go to the specialty food market because this gem┬ácalls…

Farro Lettuce Wraps

So, one day, I was on a pumpkin salsa bend. I had discovered Mrs. Renfro’s Pumpkin Salsa and fell instantly in love. I had worked up a recipe for Farro salad earlier in the day and thought how well the flavors would work as a healthy wrap, so here goes. Farro: bring 2 cups of…